Raise Your Vibration!

Join me for 5 days of love and lifted living. Let’s rise!

Bowspring Pose Break Down Pt. 1

Breaking down some bowspring poses!

What’s Your Style Of Retreat?

  Find Out Your Retreat Style!

PB Bowspring Challange

This holiday season- we decided to have a little fun on Instagram- We created a challenge to unite and inspire the Bowspring community. We had so much fun- it was amazing to hear your thoughts and see your poses and movement. May we all continue to inspire each other to

Crouching Cat

One of the most strong, intricate poses of the Bowspring practice- I use this as my base; the place where I usually begin, and from where I find so many sweet transitions. base1 bās/ noun a conceptual structure or entity on which something draws or depends. verb have as the


Radiant Heart- expands side to side, earth to sky. A circumferential expansion originating from within. Encompassing a lifted, confident attitude, mindful intention, and heart-filled aura. We embody this fullness to support our source curve- an energy beyond physicality. All sides count- the light and the dark, and we open to them all with courage and radiance.

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